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7thShare 3D Video Converter 3.2

Transform you 2D videos into 3D movies and convert between all popular formats
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If you wish to transform your 2D standard video files and movies into full 3D or vice versa, 7thShare 3D Video Converter is an easy-to-use option to consider. Though this is probably the app’s main feature, its conversion capabilities extend to many other video and audio formats, allowing you to convert between several of the most popular ones and to extract their audio streams into standalone audio files.

Designed following the look and feel of most other media conversion tools, it also follows the usual three-step conversion approach. You just need to select the source files to convert, an output codec (which can be different for each item on the conversion list), and the output folder where to store the converted files. To help you make the right choice for your device, the app comes with a set of output profiles organized by device (including the entire Apple family of products, Android smart phones, other mobile phones, etc.) and by group of codecs (general video, general audio, HD video, lossless audio, etc.).

Before launching the individual or batch conversion process, you can apply some basic edits to your source files. You can clip any of your input files, and even select specific segments from each of them and merge them all into a unique video file. You can also crop the image and/or change its size and aspect ratio to fit your device’s requirements. Likewise, you can also enhance or correct the original brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue values for a crisper output image. But the main tab in the Edit menu is surely the 3D tab. Here is where you choose your 3D mode between anaglyph and split screen. If you go for the split-screen mode, you will find four more options – side-by-side half-width, side-by-side full, top-and-bottom half-height, and top-and-bottom full. Once you’ve set all your preferences, you can click on the Convert button to launch the re-encoding process. Note that the free trial will only convert the first five minutes video files longer than that and half the length of any file with a duration of five minutes or less.

You shouldn’t expect a perfect 3D version of your favorite 2D movies, but the overall depth effect is in most cases surprising, to say the least. Of course, the results will also depend on the quality of the original file. Take advantage of the full functionality included in the trial version of the program and its high level of flexibility. Select your favorite clips and convert as many of them as you wish into as many formats as needed. Try the various 3D modes available and compare the results. Make use of the program’s multi-format output capabilities and make side-by-side comparisons of the results. They will surely astound you, especially when converting to 3D from a standard 2D video file.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports four 3D modes
  • Multi-format batch conversion
  • Audio extraction
  • Codec- and device-based output profiles


  • No true video effects or filters
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